Virtualife voice hosting
Virtualife offers you a voice package to use in your favorite game.
Simple to configure both on your PC but also on your phone.
You can use it for both single call and conference calls with your friends.
Virtualife voice hosting is a valid, clear instant communication medium for support in your games.

 channels, private messaging, inline-media, full-text-search for messages, multi-languages support, files/ images sharing


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aTalk - xmpp client for android rich in features:
* Instant messaging in plain text and voice End-to-End encryption with OMEMO or [OTR]
* SSL Certificate authentication, DNSSEC and DANE Security implementation for enhanced secure Connection Establishment
* OMEMO encryption in group chat session enhancing privacy and security
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Setting :

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  • Full Region Island
  • 20000 Prims
  • 2x2 x 256x256 SQM
  • Full Rights
  • €.12.00 
  • Full Region Island
  • 30000 Prims
  • 3x3 x 256x256 SQM
  • Full Rights

€ 18,00


  • Full Region Island
  • 40000 Prims
  • 4x4 x 256x256 SQM
  • Full Rights



  • Website domain name and hosting (or supply your own).
  • Daily backup (stored locally on our backup machine)
  • HyperGrid enabled (or closed the choice is yours).
  • Vivox chat (Voice).
  • Easy avatar registration dashboard
  • Working search and classifieds.
  • Grid splash page.
  • Profiles and Groups inworld.
  • Inworld restart.

 30 sims 256X256

€ 120,00  month


Sim 256x256 € 12, 00 mese


Ciao a tutti benvenuti nella pagina di Virtualife
Cos'è Virtualife?
È un videogioco, una chat 3d, dove si sta in compagnia, si chatta, si conosce gente nuova, si balla, si ascolta musica,
puoi dare sfogo alla tua creatività, creando la tua linea di abiti proprio come un grande stilista,
puoi costruire la tua casa personale e decorarla a tuo piacimento, organizzare eventi, (compleanni, matrimoni, serate in discoteca, sfilate di moda, ecc.) fare il dj.
Tutto questo è possibile interagendo con il tuo avatar personale, creato da te e personalizzato a tuo piacimento.

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